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A court that deals with penalties differently. Counseling, rehabilitation programs, and community service work are used to help people convicted of nonviolent offenses prevent going to jail. Take a look around to learn more!

DUI Defense

If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), we have the best  DUI Defense who will offer you all the legal advice you may need who will work for you and public safety.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

In a relationship, no one wants to be harassed domestically. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, we have the best domestic violence lawyer to provide you with legal justice based on laws and accountability.

Rules & Bylaws

You can now know about the necessary laws and bylaws created by the state's authority to deal with crimes held at accountability courts.

Accountability Court Program

Our accountability court program is meant to help persistent offenders change their ways. We provide offenders an opportunity to change their lives through our program.

Working Together To Save Lives And Reunify Families

Economic Benefits Of Accountability Courts

Each year, the amount of people who graduate from the courts contributes to and benefits the state's economy by enrolling in programs and participating in various community services.

Drug Tests

Drug testing programs keep people in treatment for a long time while regularly monitoring their progress to see if they improve or worsen.

Court Costs

If you win, you might be able to avoid paying the majority of the fees that must be paid to the court.


The accountability court's counseling program assists persons in communicating their emotions with others while their mental and physical health is assessed.

Meet the Team

Get to know the people that work around the clock to ensure that your rights are preserved, and your fate is secure.

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Kirk Tallent

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Alisa Johnson


Save Taxpayer Dollars By Lowering Criminal Justice

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We have a defense prepared for young people who slip into the criminal trap while knowing right from wrong. At our courts, we assist young people in correcting their mistakes through a variety of programs.

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Under this provision, accountability courts have the authority to release a person who has not been accused of additional crimes and has managed to complete three years of probation.

Seeking Treatment For Substance Abuse

If you've been charged with a minor offense due to substance usage and believe an accountability program might benefit you, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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What Clients Say?

Learn more about us by reading about our clients' real-life experiences on our courts.

Robert Martinez

Ga Accountability Courts provided me with a fresh start by assisting me in changing as a person through their numerous programs and facilities.

image 45Robert Martinez

Monique Lamphear

It was quite difficult for me to stop using substances as an addict. However, going to Ga Accountability Courts for substance abuse treatment helped me get out of it and has improved my life.

image 44Monique Lamphear

Susan Bachand

Ga Accountability Courts have given me a second chance at life by rescuing me from all of my bad habits and assisting me in reuniting with my family.

image 43Susan Bachand