How Does a DUI Stop Affect Insurance?

How Does a DUI Stop Affect Insurance?

After a DUI conviction, your insurance rates will increase, but it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, DUI convictions aren’t always the reason for your higher rates. In some states, you may be able to get insurance rates as low as ten percent if you keep up with some good habits. If you have a DUI, here are some tips to lower your rates.

First, you should understand that a DUI conviction will always raise your auto insurance rates. You won’t receive any safe driver discounts and will most likely see an increase of at least ten percent on your policy. It’s best to contact your insurance company before the five-year anniversary of your DUI to ask them to recalculate your insurance rates. In some states, a DUI will stay on your driving record for a minimum of five years. However, in other states, it can stay for life.

Once a DUI stays on your driving record for three to seven years, it should not affect your insurance rates. After this time, you can try to have the DUI removed from your record. This means that your insurance provider won’t be able to look you up on their MVR. In addition, you can seal your DUI record so that law enforcement officers can’t access it. Then, you can start shopping around for cheaper car insurance.

It’s important to note that your insurance provider may require an SR-22 form for three to five years after a DUI. If you don’t renew your policy, you may have to pay a higher premium than normal for another three or five years. Once you’ve completed your SR-22, your rates will likely be back to normal. If you’re still concerned, contact your insurance provider to have them reassess your rate.

While your auto insurance will increase after a DUI, it will depend on how many years your DUI was. In the past, a DUI could affect your car insurance rates for three to five years. While a DUI can affect your insurance, it will also make it more expensive for other drivers. If you’re a good driver, you can continue to get good insurance rates after a DUI. The best option is to have a clean driving record and to maintain it.

When you’re ready to renew your car insurance, make sure you let your insurance carrier know about your DUI. A DUI can cause a spike in your rates, so it’s important to keep this information to yourself. Remember that your insurance provider will not charge you more if you’ve disclosed your DUI. The best course of action is to wait until you’ve paid your fines and are otherwise in good standing.

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