Types of Criminal Lawyer Oakland CA

Types of Criminal Lawyer Oakland CA

Criminal lawyer Oakland CA Rebecca Feigelson Law defend the rights of their clients to legal counsel and advocacy when they are accused or arrested of criminal law violations. Some criminal lawyers also specialize in civil law and may represent individuals against the state or other entities on a variety of related legal matters, such as family law, immigration law, bankruptcy, estate planning and more. This article will help the reader learn about various types of criminal lawyers and criminal defense attorneys.

Types of Criminal Lawyer Oakland CA

  1. Public Defender

These criminal lawyers Oakland CA are appointed by the court to represent indigent defendants accused of criminal law violations. Their job, if they choose to accept it, is to represent the defendant as zealously and effectively as possible. While they often work in District or Superior Courts, they will sometimes accept cases in Federal Courts too.

  1. Private Attorney

These criminal lawyers Oakland CA represent defendants who can afford them. They may be members of a big law firm or may have their own private practice. These attorneys are usually paid through legal fees from the client, who will pay them out of court settlements or judgments in civil cases, as well as from criminal defense and personal injury attorney fees in the event the defendant is found not guilty.

  1. Prosecutor

These lawyer Oakland CA represent the state in criminal law cases. They usually have a college education, are selected as a prosecutor through an application process and then licensed by the state bar association. Their job is to seek guilty pleas from defendants and to prepare and present criminal cases in Superior or District Courts.

  1. Special Attorney

These lawyer Oakland CA are all attorneys who have completed a specialized training program, going through years of study with a licensed and qualified legal education instructor. They may also work as a paralegal or legal assistant, taking on tasks such as researching, writing and filing the case records.

  1. Judicial Lawyer

These lawyer Oakland CA have been appointed by the court to defend certain types of cases. They have extensive knowledge of rules and procedures, litigating skills and the ability to represent clients effectively in court without being overwhelmed by the process. For example, these criminal lawyers are assigned to handle cases involving juvenile delinquents or those dealing with drug abuse charges.

  1. Immigration Lawyer

These lawyer Oakland CA represent immigrants who are facing deportation or removal from the United States. They also work with non-citizens who are considering immigration to the United States through family reunification schemes, such as marriage or sponsorship. Although these lawyer Oakland CA may not have a degree in law, they must be admitted to the California State Bar Association and receive training in the field to meet federal regulations for immigration law representation.


Criminal lawyer Oakland CA can provide exceptional legal advice and representation for those who are facing criminal charges. Depending on the type of crime, there could be many different types of criminal lawyers or defense attorneys in Oakland California . Criminal lawyer Oakland CA are appointed by the court to represent those who are accused or arrested for a variety of crimes including: murder, assault and battery, fraud, theft, drug-related offenses and more.

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