Why You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Why You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

If you are in the midst of a child custody dispute, you need to hire a Child Custody Lawyer Clayton MO. Having the right representation will ensure that your child is in the best possible hands. This is an important decision, as the outcome of this battle will affect your child’s future. In addition to protecting your rights, a child custody lawyer will help you make the best decisions for your child’s future.

If you’re not sure if you’re the father of a child, you should know that Missouri law recognizes paternity. It is determined that a man is the legal guardian of a child by the Bureau of Vital Records. If a court finds that a man is the father of the child, he will be given custody of the child. Paternity can also result in an order for child support if the parents are not able to agree on the decision.

The best interest of the child is the first consideration for the courts. While unmarried fathers do not have parental rights in Missouri, paternity can be established between the child’s birth and the age of eighteen. Obtaining these rights requires the filing of a paternity suit. In Missouri, a judge cannot make this determination based on a parent’s gender, income, or location. Therefore, both parents will likely receive some custody time. However, if you and your ex are having problems, you may only receive supervised visitation or a parenting plan.

The child custody laws in Missouri are based on the best interests of the child. Juries cannot award sole custody based on one parent’s income, location, or age. In most cases, both parents will receive some custody. If one parent is a drug or alcohol abuser, the judge will likely award supervised visitation or require the parents to create a written parenting plan. This will help the child and the family as a whole.

In Missouri, the best interest of the children is a top priority. The law recognizes that paternity is a legal relationship between two individuals. The Missouri Bureau of Vital Records keeps a record of paternity and will determine if a man is the child’s legal guardian. When a judge finds that a man is the father of a child, he will grant the man the right to custody of the child. The court will also order the payment of child support.

A child custody lawyer in Clayton, MO will help protect the best interest of the child. This attorney will make sure that the child’s best interests are safeguarded. A good child custody lawyer will make sure that the court is aware of the best interests of the children and their parents. In a Missouri family law case, the best interest of the children is the mother and the father. A qualified attorney will represent both parents and the baby in a court of law.

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